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Summer Camp Barcelona Agora Sports

The day-to-day organization in Barcelona is designed so that students can take part in as many sports as possible, as well as participate in a diverse selection of workshops and recreational Spanish summer camps activities, always geared towards each age group.

Click on the page link below to see examples of sports that are offered in Barcelona:

Summer Camp Barcelona Agora Optional Sports

One of the best times to begin, improve and develop atheletic skills is during the summer! For that very reason, in addition to the camp's already scheduled activities we offer "optional" summer sports in which students can take part at an additional cost.
Students can choose 1 optional sport per two-week time camp period. Click on the following page links for more information:

Summer Prices & Dates
FrancescaI will never forget my summer in Marbella, nor the people I met there. from Italy
HelmutI met girls and boys from Spain and all over the world. from Germany
SimoneMy favourite part of being in Seville was learning how to dance Sevillanas. from France
WilliamI learned more Spanish in two weeks than in my whole life in school. from Great Britain

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