Maths and potatoes


A Math teacher asks a student:
- Let's see, Pablito! What do you need to do to divide twenty potatoes between ten people?
- Make mashed potatoes!


As this month is the going back to school season, we are sharing a classroom joke with you. In this case, the punch line, as we all know, is in the response: the individual would have to divide 20 by 10 which would leave him or her with two potatoes per person. But Pablito, whether or not he realizes that he is in a Math class, or whether he is thinking of the most practical response, simply responds that the individual needs to cook the potatoes. Consequently, the response seems funny to us because, in reality, it is what we would do: make mashed potatoes with them and share them equally so nobody could argue that they had been given bigger or smaller potatoes.


La profesora de matemáticas pregunta a un alumno:
-A ver Pablito!! ¿Qué hay que hacer para repartir veinte patatas entre diez personas?
-¡Puré de patatas!


Como este mes es la vuelta al cole os contamos un chiste de clase. En este caso la gracia está en que todos sabemos la respuesta: habría que dividir 20 entre 10, lo que nos daría dos patatas para cada persona. Pero Pablito, que o no sabe que está en clase de matemáticas o está pensando en una respuesta más práctica responde que cocinando las patatas. Entonces la respuesta nos parece más divertida porque en realidad sería lo que haríamos: hacer puré con ellas y repartirlo para que nadie discuta sobre si le ha tocado las patatas más grandes o las más pequeñas.

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