Summer Camp in Barcelona Programs & Facilities

Why a Summer Camp in Barcelona?

The city of Barcelona is internationally known for its cosmopolitan environment, its unique modern buildings, interesting museums and its location on the Mediterranean coast. Its great cultural atmosphere, in which exhibitions, concerts, and shows flourish throughout the city. It is combined with a Mediterranean gastronomic essence and close to places with natural landscapes.

Our Barcelona Beach summer camp is located a few minutes from the beach in Castelldefels, famous for its outdoor tourist destination because of its closeness to the Olympic Canal. It is the perfect place to spend a summer practicing water sports in a quiet environment while being a step away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Barcelona.

Barcelona Beach Summer Camp Details

Summer Camp Barcelona Beach Facilities

Located in a modern residence with all the amenities, classes are taught in another building, located a few minutes away on foot. Among its common areas there are leisure and study rooms, in addition to the gardens that surround it.

Summer Camp Barcelona Beach Accommodations

Students at our summer camp in Barcelona Beach will stay in the campus residence, single and double rooms, depending on what you choose. It is located in the heart of the campus, next to the beach. The rooms have a private bathroom and they are fully furnished, and enjoy plenty of natural light thanks to their large windows.

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