Excursions from Barcelona

To ensure that all our students have new, exciting adventures at summer camp, every two-week period we organize one full-day trip and two half-day trips from Barcelona. That way, students get to explore more places than they ever imagined!

Spanish and international students alike will enjoy authentic cultural experiences. Each time they set out for a new destination, they will discover new customs and gain a deeper understanding of Spanish culture.

Half-Day Excursions from Barcelona

Full-Day Excursions from Barcelona

*Examples of possible excursions, not necessarily guaranteed.

Summer Prices & Dates
FrancescaI will never forget my summer in Marbella, nor the people I met there. from Italy
HelmutI met girls and boys from Spain and all over the world. from Germany
SimoneMy favourite part of being in Seville was learning how to dance Sevillanas. from France
WilliamI learned more Spanish in two weeks than in my whole life in school. from Great Britain

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