Enfocamp prices 2015

Enfocamp prices

It is March now, but before we know it the summer will be here. Have you thought about it yet? Why not take advantage of it by learning English, visiting new places, playing sports and having a great time? Basically, why don’t you spend the summer with us?

If this is the case, we advise you to take a look at the start dates and prices for our programs. You can also look at all of our destinations and course options on our website; remember that some programs are only available on certain dates.

Another question: would you like to spend the whole day at summer camp or only the morning? You can check out different options online. Would you like to learn to sale or try horseback riding? In the price list you can also view where the sports that you are most interested in are offered.

All important information in available with just one quick peek, the easiest way to discover all that we have to offer this summer.

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