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The arrival of the holidays doesn’t mean that we stop updating our blog. You will still find new topics and peculiarities in it. But how does one know when something has been published now that we don’t spend as much time at home? The answer comes in acronym form: “RSS”.

When visiting our blog you may have noticed a small orange icon which kind of resembles the radio waves, with the words “Entries (RSS)” near it. This curious button has a weird meaning: when you press it, it looks as if you’ve broken the Internet! But don’t worry about it: it’s only the button that will let you receive our updates.

How can that be? RSS format (Really Simple Syndication) is used to subscribe to sites that upgrade their content periodically. The idea behind it is that you will receive a notification each time someone updates your favourite blog, so you won’t have to check it constantly.

To receive the notifications you have to have an RSS reader. Don’t worry, it’s not complicated. It’s just a type of computer program, similar to email, that checks the addresses to which you’ve subscribed in search of new posts, and which lets you know if it finds any new content.

Today, receiving content through RSS is even easier. Like some other email services, Gmail has an option called “Reader” which lets you type in and save the address of the site you want to subscribe to. This service manages and checks the subscriptions, so the user only has to log in and check the new updates.

It can’t be any simpler. Now you know: subscribe to our blog and let your readers do their job.

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