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A while back we gave some suggestions about how to get your kids to eat vegetables. This time we want to give some tips about how to maintain the habit so that your child continues to have a balanced diet. What can we do to maintain these healthy food habits?

In the first place, we should not use food as a punishment or as a prize. Often we are tempted to say something like “if you don’t behave well, you’ll have spinach for dinner” or “if you get good grades we’ll take you to a fast food restaurant”. This will only reinforce a negative view of healthy food.

We should also keep in mind the portion size of food we give. In a hurry, we may serve the same amount of food to our child as to ourselves. Sometimes serving food in the right quantity will help your child accept it.

Some good results can be had by allowing your child to accompany you to a fresh food market or to help out in the kitchen. In this way they can see that there is nothing negative about the healthy foods we prepare for them. We can also urge them to prepare their own dish!

Another key is to prepare a variety of dishes. You should not stay stuck with the same chard and tomato recipe. Be creative and integrate a variety of food throughout the week. Not only will it ensure a varied diet, but also it will keep your child from getting bored.

These are just some small tips. Of course, you can do so much more so we recommend that you search for more information from a specialist.

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