Lego Movie

How many times have we played with our Legos creating a world to our own design? This is the idea behind this movie that takes place in a world made of Legos where the main characters are figures.

However much we would love to focus on a world made up of Legos and figures, we have to take into account that a movie is nothing without a plot. And this one is particularly interesting: a normal Lego figure called Emmet is mistaken as an extraordinary Lego who is the key to saving the world. Emmet does not have a choice but to become a hero, something he will do with the help of other characters such as the old mystic Vitruvius, the young Lucy and Batman (or at least a figure that resembles the action figure)!

At the moment we still have not had the pleasure of watching this movie; however we have seen others that take place in a Lego world such as Star Wars or superhero movies. They were all crazy movies that we loved. We will see how good this one is soon.

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