Are you addicted to social networks? Have you heard about Google's latest? It's called Google+ and it's supposed to be facebook's next competitor. Of course you can find us there. You just have to type into your browser and you will be taken automatically to our profile. Simple right?

If you know Google you only need to find us and then add us to your favourites. That way every day you will receive information about new promotions, offers, and interesting facts...I'm sure there is will be something to interest you!

If you wish you can leave comments about what you think of the content, share it or contribute anything that we may have forgotten to include in one of our sections. Don't forget that together that we can make this network work. We know that Google+ in particular may seem a little cold the first time...but have patience and it will all be worth it.

So now you know. If you're looking for someone you know on Google+ then here we are. Every day we will be looking for new things to surprise you with.

Topics ordered:

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