New edition of our instructors’ course

Instructors’ course

How would it feel to learn to be an instructor and practice with us? If the idea appeals to you, we invite you to the new edition of our new course for lead instructors, a course accredited by the Autonomous Community of Madrid.

As you know, Enfocamp is not just camps to learn and have a good summer; it’s also one of the most prestigious summer schools. Thousands of students have learnt in our classrooms, who return with lots of new experiences to tell and new friends.

A many of those good experiences depend on the instructors: people like you who know which activities they like, what the best trips are, and the best places to visit. Many of them are former pupils of Enfocamp themselves, so they know how to make the students feel at home.

Would you like to use your experience in the camps to help the new kids that come with us? If yes, we’re relying on your for our next program. You can look at the conditions, dates and course prices on our website. Come on! You will give pupils that same amazing experience that you had yourself. We’re waiting for you!

Topics ordered:

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