Harry Potter and the deadly hallows

One of the better known film sagas finally comes to end. We have all seen that boy Harry Potter become a powerful teenage wizard. If his first mission was to defend himself from You-Know-Who, now his destiny is to finish him.

The wait has been very long, but we will finally get to see what happens in the world of wizards and witches and the final battle between good and evil. This time the story is darker, and we know it, terrible and merciless. But Harry is not alone; his forever loyal friends Ron and Hermione stay with him despite the dangers and knowing this could be their latest adventure.

Whether you are fans or not, you cannot miss this film: not only because it's the end of a story that has become history and one we all grew up with, but also because it's like saying goodbye to a good friend with whom we shared so many great times.


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