Maya the Bee Movie

Sometime ago we wrote about the origins of the most popular children's personalities known the world over: Maya the Bee. This rebel bee that refuses to live by the rules of the hive embarks on an adventure along with her friend Willy in search of the royal jelly that has been stolen by some treacherous wasps. Will our favorite bee be able to avoid a war of stingers that lurks on the horizon? You'll have to see the movie to find out…

It's taken 30 years for Maya to make the jump from the small screen to the big screen (and more than 100 for her go from book to movie!). To make this leap, a prestigious and experienced team of 3D animators have been assembled to make this movie. We think that even though it may have spectacular 3D and visual effects, what really matters is the important message that conflict never solves anything and the importance of learning about nature. What will be really interesting is how parents will feel about taking their children to see a movie about a bee that they themselves grew up with when they we were little.

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