Still open in August

August is here already (though it seemed there was a lot to go for that). Well... as the saying goes, "if it goes by quickly is because it was great fun". And we hope that all you campers in Marbella Albergue and Madrid also had a great time. But we also wish you a great time for those of you still in the camps... because in August they will be open until the 11th in Barcelona, Salamanca and Valencia, and until the end of month in Marbella Alborán and Marbella Alemán.

We still have a lot to live, a lot to learn and many things to do to enjoy. Make good use of the remaining days of August, make good friends... and have a lot of fun! We are in August and there is still a lot of summer ahead.

Of course Enfocamp Club will still be open, and you will be able to see new photos and download the photo of the day thanks to the link that you will find on the pages of the different days each Club has (even though you are not at the camp anymore, you can still have access until the end of the season). We will also keep updating our profiles on social networks with the different photos of the day (we remind you that there is one for every camp this year). Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Tuenti and Google Plus.

So don’t pack your towels still, and don’t miss on us, for we are still here soldier on. And remember that we are here for any doubts you may have about our summer camps.

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