Snow White

We’re sure you’ve heard of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs more than once. But take a closer look at this famous Disney movie’s history and check out these 5 interesting facts.

  1. The movie came out in 1927 and was the first full length film made by Disney Studios. And although it was hard, nobody in Hollywood believed an animated movie like this would be successful.
  2. 750 artists were hired to create the drawings for the movie; they all spent months getting ready in the studios.
  3. At first, the producers hadn’t decided on the personalities or the names of the dwarfs in the movie. More than 30 were created and one by one discarded, until they were left with the 7 that we’re all familiar with. Can you recite all their names?
  4. Real animals were brought to the studio to inspire the artists and to give them a point of reference for their drawings; but we’re not sure how much work they could have gotten done with deer and bunny rabbits hopping around their desks.
  5. At first, Snow White wasn’t given her characteristically rosy cheeks. They decided to give them to her at the last minute to give her a softer, sweeter look. The funny thing is they used real makeup on the finished stills.
  6. Music plays a fundamental part in all Disney movies, and Snow White isn’t an exception, with a soundtrack that ingrates perfectly with the story. Who doesn’t remember the classic “Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho, it’s off to work we go!”
  7. Snow White has her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where we can also find other famous characters like Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck.
  8. The movie won an Oscar along with seven little Oscars to represent the seven dwarfs.
  9. Before starting work on the movie, Disney created a series of shorts known as “Silly Symphonies” that were used to test the artists and animators.
  10. Nobody knows for sure where the story of Snow White comes from. Some people think it could be based on Maria Sophia Margeretha Catharina von Erthal, who lived in a castle in Germany and had dwarfs who worked in her mines.

After reading all of these interesting facts about the movie, we recommend you see it again and enjoy one of the best animated classics of all time.

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