Enfocamp renews itself

Internet is a media that is ever changing: you only have to visit a website in which they show older versions of Facebook or Google to confirm this. These changes not only affect their appearance, but also try to improve their usability, and make information more accessible. Summing up, these changes, although they can get annoying sometimes, try to make your visit to the site a more comfortable and pleasant experience. More controversial are the changes that affect privacy and similar matters (we strongly encourage you to check your privacy settings every now and then).

That's why Enfocamp has renewed its appearance in social networks like Facebook or Google Plus: you'll se that it is now easier to follow our updates, and that the information is more accessible... we even have changed our cover picture! All this, as we say, has the intention of making it easier for you to pay us a visit.

But that is not the only facelift we've pursued: we have also changed our website's design. As you have already seen, it is a much more straightforward design, clean and accessible, and that doesn't lose the essence of its ancestor: so you can find the information you may need about our summer camps in a fast and simple way.

As you see, we are constantly improving: getting better every day for you.

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