Joke: Homework and family


The teacher distributes the marks for a piece of work.
- Pablo, I can’t give you a mark. I told you I didn’t want your father to do your homework for you.
-It’s not fair, Sir. I can assure you, this time it was my uncle.


Here we have a situation in which a pupil defends himself before the teacher, but then does as he pleases. The teacher should have called Pablo to attention because on some occasions he has asked his father to do his homework, so she orders him not to do it again. Of course, Pablo thinks that she is only referring to his father but that he is perfectly able to ask another relative to do his homework. And in this case he asked his uncle. But it seems Pablo is out of luck. Maybe next time…


El maestro da las notas de un trabajo.
- Pablo, no te puedo poner nota. Te dije que no quería que tu padre te hiciera los deberes.
- No es justo, profe. Le he hecho caso: esta vez ha sido mi tío.


Aquí tenemos un caso en el que un alumno hace caso a la profesora, pero luego hace lo que le da la gana. El profe debe haber llamado la atención de Pablo porque varias veces ha pedido a su padre que le haga los deberes, así que le ordena no lo vuelva a hacer. Claro, Pablo piensa que él se refiere solamente a su padre, pero que puede pedir perfectamente que le haga los deberes otro familiar. Y en este caso se lo pide a su tío. Pero parece que Pablo no va a tener suerte. La próxima vez será…

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