Imagination, as we all know, is a fundamental aspect of childhood. It helps children to get to know the world, to interact with peers and classmates, and it encourages their creativity and their ability to solve problems. Furthermore, in this day and age when every element of fantasy seems to come in the form of a video game or television series, imagination is a very precious gift to have. How can we help children to acquire this?

First, parents should be imaginative: creating games, settings and even telling stories about characters that are stuffed animals.

Similarly we can encourage them to improvise: for example, once a story is over, why not ask them to say how they would have finished the story? Don’t restrict their creativity by telling them that their endings are impossible or could not actually happen. What is wrong with three little pigs boarding a spaceship to escape from the wolf?

It is important to foster their artistic side: ensure that they always have a pencil and paper handy, spend the afternoon doing arts and crafts, and even suggest creating a gift, for example, for Grandma’s birthday.

But most importantly, get to know the teachers: take them to exhibitions or cultural events, see a live storytelling show or visit the library with them.

In summary, we are encouraging imaginative ideas when it comes to sparking the imagination of our children.

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