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2012 is almost here! And it seems like only yesterday we were celebrating last year’s Christmas! Evidently, time flies, so before the start of the year we want to show you our new programme for Spanish students.

Both the prices and the activities are updated. You can check them out on any destination that might interest you. Want to learn English in Valencia? What schools include riding as an optional sport? You’ll be able to get all this information and much more from the comfort of your home with a simple click on the "Prices & Dates" section of our website.

Similarly, you’ll be able to find several programmes of English classes. For instance, as well as the residential programme, you can also opt for the morning classes or simply spend the day at the camp (these are ideal if you live near the camp that interests you).

Additionally, information about transferences and extra costs is also included. All the information you need is there in detail for you to find in the aforementioned section. Should you have any further doubts, however, we are always available via email. Whatever you need, we are here, just a click away.

So, if you have decided to spend your summer holiday learning with us, you can now start thinking about the course of your choice. We are ready and able to help you!

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