We renew our web

We renew our web

Going through this newsletter to read this news item, you will have noticed that something has changed to not only to this section, but also to the entire website. The colors and design have changed and now everything looks better.

Before the summer started, we decided to change our website from top to bottom! ... And here it is! But do not worry: your favorite sections are still in the same place.

The changes we have made will allow you to access our content in a simpler and faster way. With just a few clicks you can reach any of our content. By the way, do you agree that the site looks better now? We have tried to make the texts clearer and easier to read. Also you can see our photos & videos with better quality. Don’t miss out on any detail of our camps and students!

We've even created an registration form that you can you download in pdf (of course consult with your parents beforehand) and that you can fill out right on your computer, no need to print or fax. Just fill in the blanks and send it by e-mail.

As you can see we have considered all readers, from parents to children and from students to teachers. We have created a new website that is simple, accessible and convenient. But mostly what we have tried to do is make our website be like our camps, a place you can feel very comfortable in. By the way, speaking of the camps ... now there is even less time before the start of term!

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