The 2014 Enfocamp season comes to an end!

See you soon!

Our students have now gone home and the 2014 Enfocamp season has come to an end. We have had a blast accompanying our campers on their many adventures, classes, excursions as well as seeing many friendships being made. We can only feel proud that another unforgettable summer has come and gone.

As proof of this we have plenty of videos on YouTube for you to watch along with photos of our campers on the Enfocamp Club webpage (available for whenever you want to remember the fun times that were spent with us). There are also the comments for you to review that have been posted in our forums for parents and students.

Just because our camps have closed their doors doesn't mean we are finished working! We are moving forward and already thinking about next season and creating new and innovative programs.

Each year we are more dynamic and always striving to do more. This is what we do best and we want to share this enthusiasm with you even though summer has ended!

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