This month we begin our course for monitors


This month we begin our course for monitors which has been authorized by the Community of Madrid. This course announcement has already been well received by the public and we are already receiving enrollments from students. We are also proud to say that some of the people that have enrolled are former students that took part in our summer camps.

Training new monitors is a great responsibility for us especially since many of our them are former students that, after having a great time in the camps, are willing to give the best of themselves so younger campers can have an equally great experience while learning a language along the way.

Next summer, these new monitors participate in our new camp season and put to work their newly acquired skills. These new monitors will complement their training with their experience as former students which makes then uniquely prepared to participate with us in the successful running of our camps. Students participating in the camp will find that the people assisting them are more than just camp monitors; they will be more like friends who can also help them better by basing their actions on their own experiences at Enfocamp.

Our monitor course also gives our students a professional advantage since they will be able to receive real-world work experience in the recreation and leisure sector. Since this an authorized course by the Community of Madrid, participants will have an important accomplishment to include in their resume as well.

At Enfocamp we aren't only concerned about the education of our summer camp students. We are also committed to the education and training of those people we trust the most who care for the wellbeing of our campers.

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