Have you tried to register in a course? The process can be quite exasperating: pick up the form one day, fill it up another, send it whenever you can. Even if the format is on PDF, the process doesn't vary much. Yes, you can download them, but you still have to print them, fill them up and, in the end, find a fax to send them over. Whatever time we save ourselves on one side, we lose on the other.

Therefore, Enfocamp has devised a way to save you time with a new registration form on PDF format, which can be filled up with your keyboard and that can be sent via email. You might think that the problem is that it must be filled up right away, but that is not the case. You can save it without a problem in your Documents folder and fill it up whenever you like. Afterwards, all you have to do is click on the "Send Form" ("enviar formulario") button and that"s it: we will get your registration straight away.

Now you're thinking, "Right: what about the signature of the mother, the father or the tuor?" Don't worry about it: if you have an electronic DNI (most people do) you also have a digital signature. That way the process becomes simpler and quicker.

As you see, it is really simple: you need to have close to no knowledge of computers to fill our registration form, or, for that matter, to enjoy our summer camps.

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