War Horse

War not only splits families. It also separates friends, even if in this case Albert's friend is not human but a beautiful horse named Joey. Lacking on resources, Albert"s father decides to sell Joey to the British army, which is in need of horses for the cavalry during World War I.

Would you like to see your best friend be taken from your side to be sent against his will to an uncertain and dangerous destiny? Would you not do whatever was necessary to bring him back home, even sinking into the depths of hell? This is precisely what Albert will do to be reunited with his horse: go through half of Europe in the midst of war.

Behind this film is one of the most famous directors of all time, Steven Spielberg. Only by mentioning his name, we already know what awaits us: two hours of friendship and action suitable for the whole family. Some even say this film "smells of an Oscar". Could it be? We encourage you to go watch it and tell us all about it.


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