Even for grown-ups, moving house is a big experience, so we can imagine how a child is affected by a change of house or neighbourhood. Their world changes completely: he has to leave his neighbourhood friends, changes school, park, and even his favourite candy store. This confusion can show through rage, sadness and even fear.

For this reason, it is very important to communicate our child with time that we are moving house. Without beating about the bush or playing tricks on him: we might think that, as a last resource, it may work to tell him that everything will be just like when we go on holidays, but that will only increase the child's anxiety when he realizes that we are not coming back "home".

It is also appropriate that the child doesn't feel pushed away from the move's preparations. We have to let him know that he is also part of the new home. We should let him help us pack things and organizing his stuff. For example, we can help him pack his toys and cuddly toys with care so that he sees that they will not be harmed; likewise, we can ask for his advice in the decoration of his new room. At the same time, it is basic that we let him know that some things remain the same: he will still be able to see his friends when he wants to, and visit the old neighbourhood when he feels like it. We can even organize a farewell party if we want.

When we are settled in our new home, it is very important to insist on the positive aspects: the new house is much nicer, his room will be bigger, and the park next to the house is bigger and safer. It is also convenient to show him his future school before the classes start, and introduce him to his neighbour pals.

Finally, some experts recommend signing up the child for an out-of-school activity: the football team or the English classes will help him meet more people and strengthen his bonds with the new home.

These indications are just a bunch of recommendations: the parents should not take them literally (in the end, we are just counsellors here). Only one thing must be assured: that our kid feels at ease and conceives change as a natural process in life.

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