The 2012 Enfocamp season is over! We hope that you had a great time and learned a lot. Well... judging by the messages left by the parents of the campers on our social networks it seems so... It really feels very good to know that you have had a great summer and made a lot of friends... And that you want to repeat the experience! But you will have to wait until next year for that. Does that mean that our activity is over? Not at all! Although Enfocamp Club has shut its doors this season, the Enfocamp team is still here, preparing the new season and updating our social networks.

You can find us all year round on our website, our blog and our social networks. We will keep publishing interesting news, linking you to articles you will surely like, and many more things. Remember that this newsletter is updated monthly and that our facebook, tuenti and twitter accounts feature new things every day. Oh! And don't forget that you can comment on those contents. We wait anxiously for your participation!

Like the Club, these spaces are also yours and, although we contribute the contents, it is you who give life to it. But the stakes are high: if you have the best possible memories of the camp we also want you to have the best information available and the funniest and more interesting anecdotes. Summing up, we want to keep making you learn something new and have a blast! So, now you know. We are still here for whatever you want or need. Look for us on your favourite social network and you will surely find us!

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