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If you would like to get to know the capital of our country you can come to Madrid; if culture is your passion then your ideal place is Salamanca; if you want to see our country’s most European city then you should travel to Barcelona; if you want to see a regional capital that is modern but yet still has history than Valencia is for you; if you want to be in fascinating surroundings then head to Granada; and if you want to have a good time and enjoy the beach then you have Marbella.

It should not surprise you, then, that in each of these locations there is an Enfocamp summer camp, and in some even more than one (in Marbella we have 3). We have chosen their locations so that, on top of learning with friends from all over in these beautiful cities, you can also visit other places of interest and even, sometimes, other countries – Salamanca organizes trips to the nearby central region of Portugal – all within a short travel time. This means that you will be able to make the most of every day in order to enjoy yourself.

Similarly, all of the cities where we have a summer camp are capitals of their province or at least one of the principal cities. This means that they provide first rate services nearby and they are easily reached by bus, train and air.

Additionally their location allows you to be close by to urban dwellings, but at the same time be a stone’s throw away from areas of greenery and nature. One day you can be taking a walk through the city in order to visit different monuments and the next you could be walking up a mountain in order to enjoy a nice brunch amongst the trees and beside the river.

Each one of our destinations, as you can see, offers not only a unique experience, but also many home comforts, facilities and interesting options.

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