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Sailing in Valencia

Summer is the perfect time to play sports and our camps are the perfect places to do it: by taking part in them our students will not only have the opportunity to play sports, but they will also be ableto make many international friends.

As you know Enfocamp believes that learning a language should not just be limited to grammar classes: you can also learn while working as a team. And aren´t winning a football match, steering a sailboat and getting the best score in a doubles tennis match the best examples of teamwork?

At our camps we have two types of sports: those which we offer as additional activities and those which include classes at an additional charge where you can perfect your technique, receive advice on strategy and learn moves.

We offer the widest range of optional sports, but the options you have available depend on the destination. Therefore, if you want to sign up for one of these optional sports you should look at the following list:
1. We offer football in Barcelona, Málaga, Madrid and Marbella. In these last two destinations we also offer special football courses at the Arsenal Soccer School.
2. If you are looking to practice the noble sport of horse riding you can find it in Madrid, Marbella and Salamanca.
3.   Would you prefer to play tennis? Then you should go to Barcelona, Madrid, Marbella or Salamanca.
4. If you want to try your hand at padel tennis, destinations where you can do this are Madrid, Málaga, Marbella and Salamanca.
5. And if you want to start playing a very special sport like golf, you can do it in Marbella.
6. If you are looking to improve your swimming techniques, you can do it in Marbella.
7. And where should you go if you want to venture out on the water in a sailing boat? You will find this really beautiful sport in Valencia.

These are unmissable opportunities if you want to have a sports-filled summer. You will have a great time while never getting bored.

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