As you know, our camps have a Tuenti account. You can follow us whenever you want, as we tell new stories every day. But, bear in mind that you have to be careful when you use this social network. Here, a few tips for its use:

  • Be respectful: Some people spend their time insulting or screwing up in other people's profiles. Please, respect everyone else. If they tell you something you don't like, refrain from insulting: give reasons or simply say "I don't like what you've said for the following reasons" and should anyone be disrespectful to you, don't lose your temper.
  • Verify who is on the other side if you are going to buy tickets, or anything else: Many people use their profiles to sell things or tickets at a good price. But be very careful with these offers: you never know if they are a scam. Find out if the seller is trustworthy and consult your family before buying anything.
  • Beware of the NGO sign: It sounds incredible but some people make use of the NGO sign and other humanitarian organisms to fool people with fake calls for help in order to keep the money and bank and credit card details of their victims. Check out their webs beforehand to make certain the campaign truly exists.
  • Make certain you close your session: While the programmers of Tuenti have been clever and have asked online accounts to close automatically if they remain unactive for a few minutes, it's best to be on the safe side to make certain that no one gets into your account. Once you're finished, end your session, especially if you are at the institute of the library.
  • Be careful with the details you give in your profile: It's alright to make a profile with your real name (although it would be preferable to use a nickname) but do not include your address, telephone number or any other detail that would enable others to find you.
  • If you must have a conversation, do it privately: If you use private messages, erase them after a while: As well as a courtesy rule, it is also a security measure: like that the only ones who will know about a meeting will be those who are welcome. If you give a personal detail, it is best to delete the conversation, or to do it by Chat, which doesn't keep track of what was said once the conversation is closed.
  • Never meet up with strangers: We know your parents have also insisted on this repeatedly. But it is true: be careful if you are going to meet someone you have met through the Internet. If you decide to do it, regardless, then make certain the other person is your age, and never go alone.

These simple steps are valid for any other social network site and they are easier to follow that it might seem at first. We don't want to play the role of parents, but we do know that it's always best to tread carefully and to save yourself a lot of trouble.

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