Exams are a key aspect of children’s school experience. In many cases it’s the first challenge of responsibility that they will face and they certainly don’t want to fail. Parents can provide their kids with essential support to make this period one of positive growth. They can also help make sure that children’s successes and failures are always learning experiences.

An ideal learning environment
During exam time it makes sense for your kids to spend more time studying than enjoying free time. Fostering an ideal study environment at home helps kids stay focused on their studies. Other methods for helping students to concentrate and reduce their anxiety include relaxation exercises and not altering the harmony of the home. All this also prevents kids from feeling disappointed that they don’t have more free time to play. 

Staying positive is the best attitude
Parents should maintain a positive attitude at all times. Criticizing the time kids spend or the effort they make to study is not constructive and it doesn’t inspire them to improve their dedication to school. Using words like “lazy” is often counterproductive. Feelings such as security and confidence strongly encourage students to make their best effort. These messages can even help compensate for a bad grade.

Putting things into perspective
Exams are important for kids, as are the grades they earn on them, but they are neither a reflection of their future nor a complete waste of time. Exams aren’t a competition either and the grades kids earn should neither be a source of reward nor punishment and they definitely shouldn’t be compared with the grades their classmates have earned.
That’s why exam results shouldn’t influence the image parents have of their kids and they shouldn’t they change the way parents feel about their kids. Children should be loved the same whether they receive an A or an F.

It’s a good idea to not place too much importance on exams and instead foster in children a sense of self confidence in their abilities.

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