If you know "Princess Monokoke" or have seen "My Neighbor Totoro" we only need to tell you that this is the last movie by the Ghibli studio. If this is not enough, we will tell you what it’s about so your curiosity is piqued.

We’re in current Tokyo, on a good day. By accident a sickly child of 12 meets a very special girl called Arrietty. And we mean special, because in spite of being 14 years old, she is only 10 cm tall and she belongs to the world of the "borrowers": tiny beings that live under the floorboards of different houses. A deep friendship will develop between the two, which will be put to the test when Arrietty’s family is threatened.

It’s a beautiful film that we recommend you to watch for several reasons: its message about the friendship and relationship between humans and nature, because of the images of current Japan (always fascinating) and for the beauty of its images: filled with details very hard to see in other films, and now computer generated.


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