Age of Whys

If there is an age feared by parents, it is the one with the “whys”. Basically because we are afraid our children will ask questions even we don’t know how to answer.

Jokes aside, this stage, between 3 and 4, is one of the most important to the child’s development, The language blooms, and as the child’s curiosity is not satisfied with the manipulation of objects or observation, he wants to know about more about everything he sees and asks anyone he considers has more experience than him: the elders.

The child wants to now everything and right now, which it’s why it’s likely that he will pester us with many questions. We have to patient and even if it seems obvious, remind ourselves that our child doesn’t want to end with our patience; he just has an endless thirst for knowledge.

Likewise, he develops his language skills. Through the “whys” he is experimenting in they way of phrasing a question or even the intonation. Many times the questions become a game, and many times he doesn’t even expect an answer and he’ll ask the same question over and over, seeking to get our attention.

We insist, it’s fundamental not to get anxious or feel suffocated. For many it is even advisable to take it in the same way: as a game. Kids enjoy the act of speaking, so why not do it ourselves?

We must make sure to turn this interrogation into a conversation, and even answering some questions with a question, so it is the child that must reply and reach a conclusion by himself.

The only thing that is forbidden is to lie or ridicule the question or “debate”. Children trust us, and we must be aware of this all the time.

Let’s think about it: watch our children grow is great experiences and we must enjoy it.

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