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Enfocamp Club 2014

Last year flew by and the summer is here again. What does that mean? That the sun, the holidays, the time for fun is back... and Enfocamp Club, too!

For those of you that don't know what our club is, we Hill tell you something very simple, but also very much fun: it is a space in our website on which you will be able to see what happens every day at our summer camps in every city. To see it, you just have to go to the section "Enfocamp Club" on the website. You will see links to the different camps: click on the one of your interest and you will see a calendar. If you click on a day you will go the corresponding section in which you will see all the activities programmed for that day, students and teachers' comments, videos, and many photos!

These photos are updated daily and show what happened at the camp, the different excursions and people having fun... if you like them, you have the opportunity of sharing them on your favourite social network. You just have to click on the buttons with the logos (Facebook, Twitter...) you will see on the right hand side of the screen (remember to be logged into you account at the time of sharing them).

And now that we speak of social networks: each day a photo, chosen as the "Photo of the day", will be published, and you will also be able to download it in high quality for your photo album or wallpaper. Also, there will be links to the rest of the photos published on our Walls.

But, do you have to keep checking on our website to see what's uploaded? It is not necessary, if you are subscribed you will receive a newsletter each afternoon in your mailbox with links to the Club. You just have to click on them and will be automatically redirected to the space of the corresponding camp.

So now you know it: if you want to know what a fun time we have, and be informed on what happens at each camp, join our club!

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