New sports in our camps coming soon!


As you all know, you can teach different sports in our camps. In this way, you can learn a new activity or perfect your sporting style. For example, you will shortly be able to learn about the most popular sport in our country: yes, you can all teach soccer.

Improve your technique and learn the skills which will make you the Messi or Cristiano of the pitch. When you return to class everyone will be in awe of your ball control. So if you are thinking about spending next summer in a camp in Madrid, Barcelona or Marbella, don’t miss out on this opportunity. Soccer is also one of the most all-round sports which exists as it combines strategy and team work.

Another sport which you can teach is golf. This course will start next season in our camp in Salamanca following great success in Marbella. Remember that this sport is much more fun than it often appears. In addition to being a big sport, it also combines concentration and physical exercise. Once you try it, you’ll become hooked!

With these sports, you will receive training which, in addition to being instructive, will also be great fun. It will also give you the opportunity to practice your languages! Remember that there are people from all over the world in our camps. Imagine yourself playing in a completely international team! You’ll have a great time and you’ll learn a lot. If attending our camps is already a great experience in itself, imagine what it would be like to also experience your own version of the soccer or golf world cup.

Join us and discover how we are so much more than just a language camp!

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