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Our camps close their doors at the end of August; but that doesn’t mean our club is closed. What’s more, you can visit it when you want and look at photos of the camp you were in! You can find them on our website, even in October, November, December…

…or even a year later! In our “Enfocamp Club” area, photos from other editions are also available. So if you were also with us in previous summers you can see the photos of yourselves and your friends. What a marvelous way to remember a great summer!

We haven’t made any changes to the design of the Enfocamp Club page to make it as convenient as possible for you to see the photos from each day. It´s still as easy as going to the menu on the right, selecting a part of the club, selecting the campsite you were in from the menu and then the day which interests you the most.

The daily pictures will remain posted there in good resolution for whenever you want to see them or show them to friends and family. You have them at the click of a button anytime you want!

As you can see, summer doesn’t stop for us. We are prepared to extend it as much as we can! So if you want to revisit our camps and remember those fun afternoons of excursions, the swimming pool, the beach and games, all you have to do is visit our webpage. See you there!

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