Enfocamp Club

Our camp activities are back! We're sure many of our readers are preparing themselves for them.

And, like every year, Enfocamp Club, our camps' diary, is back. From the very day they start you will begin to receive in your inbox our newsletter with the latest news and activities taking place. What has been done in Salamanca, what places they will be visiting in Valencia, at what time are the workshops in Madrid… all the information, updated daily.

You will also be able to see and comment on the best photos in the "Enfocamp Club" section. But don't take time from your classes, workshops or sports to see them: they will all be archived so you can see them again any time you want.

So now you know: we'll be with you in the following weeks and during the length of the camps. Learn all you can, have fun… and say "cheese" when you see a camera, you'll surely be on our website next day!

And don't forget we're still at your disposal on Facebook, Twitter and Tuenti!.

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