We’ve all spent plenty of time reading comics, and many of us have wondered how all these ideas get dreamed up and what goes into making a comic. The process involves several steps:

  • Coming up with ideas: What’s the comic going to be about? Will it be an adventure about a superhero or a series of comic strips about a cat? The author will decide what it’s about, who the characters are and what they’re like.
  • Product design: at this point, drawings are made showing what the characters and the background scenery are going to look like. Designers also focus on the style they want, depending on for example if it’s a comic for kids or if they want the images to look like pencil drawings or if they want something almost as realistic as photos...
  • Documentation: all stories need this. If Spiderman has to go to New York, the writer and the artist have to know if the city has skyscrapers to climb, a school to rescue, a bank to hold up...
  • Outline: Once the scenery and the characters are planned, the writer develops the story with dialogue and descriptions. Writers will often hand over their work to artists as they go.
  • Technical outline: sketches are made of the chapters that have been written to get an idea of how the comic is going to look and if changes need to be made.
  • Inking: the finished pencil drawings are inked.
  • Color: the drawings are filled in color if necessary. This can be done directly over the drawings or the black and white drawings can be scanned and color added on a computer.
  • Printing: the comic is printed.

As you can see, a lot of work from a lot of people goes into making our favorite comics so we can enjoy reading them.

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