Marbella City Tour


Marbella is a small city on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea's famous Costa del Sol (Coast of the Sun)

It has 26 kilometers of beaches, the Guadalmina beach being one of the highlights. All of th beaches have refreshment stands and typical beach bars, where you can sit down for a delicious paella, a refreshing boawl of gazpacho or the region's famous fried fish.

Marbella has three marinas for yachts and water sports.

The Plaza de los Naranjos (Square of the Orange Trees) comprises the center of Marbella. The plaza is a typical Andalucían space full of orange trees and the aroma of their blossoms. It's a truly beautiful part of the city.

You can enjoy the traditional side of Marbella through its old quarter, comprosed of tiny streets and whitewashed houses with colorful potted flowers on their balconies.

Finally, we recommend the Alameda and Constitución parks if you're looking to relax in a tranquil green space.

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