What games did the older generation play?

Games older generation

Everyone has been kid (although it’s hard to believe with some people), and everyone has played before. Our grandparents were kids once, we know that, but… how did they manage to get by without computers or video game systems? Well we asked our grandmas and grandpas and they talked to us about their favorite childhood games.

  • Hoop and stick: the main piece of equipment used for this game was a metal hoop that players rolled over the ground with a metal stick. The player that could keep their hoop rolling the longest, or who could complete a full circuit, won the game. The game, needless to say, took plenty of skill.
  • Marbles: Today, many adults collect these spheres made of glass, wood or metal. But how did you play with them? It was complicated: you drew a circle on the ground and you had to try to get the marble in it. The first player to get their marble in the circle started the game, which basically involved trying to hit opponent’s marbles into the circle. If you got another player’s marble into the circle then you got to keep it.
  • Top: A top is a wooden toy shaped like an inverted pear with an iron tip. There were different ways to play with them, such as getting them to dance longer than opponents or knocking over opponent’s tops. It was a real art getting one of these things to dance.
  • Cut outs: There was a time when only little girls with wealthy parents could afford to have dolls. Cut-out dolls were a cheaper alternative. These picture dolls had paper or cardboard clothes that girls would cut out. They didn’t last long, but they were pretty.
  • Tabas: A game played with bones! Specifically a knee bone (these were easy to get at a butcher shop). The game was similar to dice in that players would roll the bones and score more or less points depending on how they landed on the ground or playing board.

These are of course just a few examples of the games older generations played. We recommend asking older folks you may know to learn about more games.

They’ll tell you stories and give you ideas on how to spend a summer afternoon.

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