Can a colour influence on the child's character formation? If our child has a favourite colour does it mean that he must have a definite personality? We can't give an answer because there isn't a conclusive study about it yet, although it is true that some specialists have timidly studied this matter. In any case, it remains an odd thing and, with a playful and curious spirit, we couldn't resist the temptation of creating a list of the personality types that would correspond to the different colours. Here they are; now the only thing left to do is for the parents to see if the colour "matches" their kid. And we repeat: this is nothing serious, just a pastime.

White: it is said that this colour is typical of organized and "intellectual" kids. Little sages love this colour, maybe because in the future they will put their ideas to paper?

Red: the colour of the future champions, full of energy and that stand out in anything they decide to do. If our kid loves red, he'll get as far as he wants to get in life.

Yellow: it is associated with light, and this is not casual. This colour is typical of brilliant, extroverted and full of energy persons. If our kid is very "witty", this is their colour.

Green: also known as "the colour of hope", optimistic and enthusiastic kids usually love this colour. Like a field of this colour, it transmits freshness and happiness.

Orange: when we say to what type of kids this colour may correspond with, it will instantly be the mother's favourite. Orange is typical of organized, responsible and silent children.

Blue: it is said to be of the liking of thoughtful kids, those who like to observe and have a good intuition. If we say that ours is a "know-it-all" kid, then blue is their colour.

Brown: it is considered to be a supportive colour. Those who prefer brown are usually supportive children with a great tendency to help others.

Pink: let's forget for a moment the old-fashioned gender distinction based on this colour. Pink identifies the dreamers with artistic tendencies.

Of course, we repeat, this is for pure enjoyment and is totally incidental. It is very possible that the favourite colour of our daughter is red, and she might as well be the better organized kid in the neighbourhood. We are also not encouraging parents to buy only blue colours for their kids in order to enhance certain characteristics of their personalities. This be clear, all colours are good for us.

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