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You can send us your own pictures and keep in contact with friends from your summer camp through our social websites: become a member of your Camp group on Facebook and keep up-to-date about organized meet-ups, subscribe to our YouTube channel and link your videos to it, or check out more pictures on Flickr. Get back in touch with friends met at the Camp, share your thoughts… tell us everything ;) Be in the know, express your opinions and participate with us through our social networks.

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Like every summer, we open the space that we update daily during the summer season with information, photos and videos of what goes on at our summer camps in Barcelona, Marbella, Madrid, Salamanca and Valencia. There will also be a "photo of the day", a special moment that will be able to download: use it as a wallpaper, print it in high quality, or simply save it as one of the camp’s memories.

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