Summer Camps Videos

Welcome to our summer camps. Discover all we have to offer you in our best videos: the facilities and classes, the activities we do, videos of the students and the monitors... and much more!

  • Barcelona
    Our camp in the "Ciudad Condal", a modern and fun place that you shouldn't miss.

  • Madrid
    This is our camp in the capital of Spain. A quiet place, but very close to the city's liveliness.

  • Marbella
    In Marbella we don't have one camp... we have three! Enjoy a destination that has much more to offer than a nice beach.

  • Salamanca
    Would you like to spend a summer in a place that's different and full of history? Look at our Salamanca camp! A spectacular place.

  • Valencia
    In Valencia you will find a camp that has everything: magnificent beaches, many places to be built... and even sailing classes!

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